Beginner and Advanced tutorial CD's / softplan splash

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Matthew Perry
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Beginner and Advanced tutorial CD's / softplan splash

Hello, and thanks for the help with spacing openings the other day.

Two things.....

1. As a new user of softplan 2012, I'm slowly making my way through the exercises in the Users Guide. I noticed softplan sells training CD's on their website. (not inexpensive....194.00 for the advanced!

 Are these CD's something worth getting to become more proficient after I finish with the users guide? Or are they just for people who don't want to learn from the users guide?

2. What's going on with softplan splash? In the beginners area there are a bunch of junk adds and political propaganda stuff.  Has it always been overrun with stuff like this? Are they doing anything to fix it? It's a mess!




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Mathew -

Mathew -

I have all of the DVDs.  They are ok and did help me out.  However, i didn't go through the user's guide to learn.  I watched the videos and asked questions here.  Perhaps the most useful training I had was a day of training from an experienced user.  If you don't want to pay for training (not really expensive), my suggestion is to power through the users guide or possibly design a typical house in Softplan.  As you reach a question, post it here.  I am only a few months ahead of you, and I have a good enough understanding to have completed several projects thanks in large part to Bill.  


re: splash

When I first bought Softplan I would ask a question here and at splash.  I found the responses here were more detailed and actually answered my specific question.  I am not trying to take away anything from the users at splash... I am just giving credit to Bill.  I did ask a softplan rep a few months ago if they had plans to upgrade Splash.  He said he wasn't aware of any plans to do so.  The main benefit of Splash is there are a bunch of old posts to go back and search through.  Other than that, I find the tuturials and info here to be more up to date.  Bill adds articles as his time allows and he's been working on video tutorials that will also help you when he completes those.  


One more thing... videos that you find here or elsewhere made with Softplan version 14 will apply to version 2012.  From what I understand the biggest difference is 2012 is much easier to assemble the floors for the model.  Disclaimer: I've never used version 14 or anything before it.


fyi, if you are still interested in the DVDs, send me a private message.  I dont need them.  Maybe we can work something out.

- Cory