Beam representation in PDF form

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Beam representation in PDF form
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I have drawn a foundation plan for one of our clients, and we always send them the drawings in PDF form. However, I noticed upon making the drawing a PDF, it shows all the beams as looking like a barcode... I've uploaded an image of what I see when I make a PDF compared to what the program actually draws it like. This won't work, as it does not show how many ply thick each beam is. 


Is there anyway to make the PDF version show it like the program draws it? 




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Beam Pdf

I tested it 2 ways and I don't get a bar code. I think that what is happening is the pen setting for your beam it to thick causing the dashes blending together and looking like a bar code.

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I was wondering if that was

I was wondering if that was the case! 

Thank you, I will try changing that.