Barrel vaulted ceiling

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Barrel vaulted ceiling
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

Does anyone know if and how you may create a barrel vaulted ceiling

 for framing and for 3d ... Stumped



thanks. L Kelsey

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Barrel vauletd ceiling

For the 3D, go to ceiling mode and edit your ceiling edges to "style" = "Profile", profile name "Convex" than your profile width is half of the dimensions since it's half a curb. Not sure framing wise if something can be built to follow the ceiling.

Bill Wimberley
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Barrel Vaulted Ceiling

Yvon is correct. You would use the Profile ceiling edge style to achieve this. The only problem is that the Convex profile that comes with SoftPlan will not give a true circle. The attached "Round Top.spd" file will allow you to create a true circle profile for roofs and ceilings. Simply download it and place the file in C:\SoftPlan2014\roof profiles\roof profiles.

You would then edit the ceiling edges that are on the sides of the barrel and set them to Profile, give them some arbitrary pitch other than Horizontal or Vertical, and give a height and width equal to 1/2 of the width of the barrel vault. The example below is for a 4' barrel ceiling.

Next edit the ends of the barrel ceiling and set the edges to Intersect and Vertical Pitch

That finishes the ceiling. For the framing place 2 joist sets, having them meet in the center of the barrel.

And the result should be something like this.

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Bill Wimberley
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The joists can be just a single joist set rather than 2 sets. The first time I tried it just a single set did not work but after posting the above method I tried it again and just a single joist set worked.

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barrel vault

would like to say thank you so much for taking the time to answer question.. Love this site

thanks Bill W also

Bill M
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Nice to be able to perform a

Nice to be able to perform a search to pull a thread that helps solve a problem.  I didn't remember this thread until I found it in a search then I remembered reading it before.  My round ceiling is now in place.  Thanks for the good work here.