Backsplash in the absence of countertop?

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Bill M
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Backsplash in the absence of countertop?
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2014 Plus

Here I've been cruising along enjoying reading all the good stuff here at Tuts but I got stuck on something that is probably easy.  I need to put a backsplash on the wall between a range and vent hood.  Also is there a way to extend or move in an edge on a back splash.  The attached drawing shows blank wall at the refrigerator that I would like to extend the backsplash into.  On the same backsplash at the other end if it's possible I'd like to bring it in even with the side of the upper cabinet.  Thanks.

Mike Landry
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Did you try right click on

Did you try right click on the tile and copy surface texture

and then right click on the wall paste surface texture.



Bill M
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It will turn all the

It will turn all the sheetrock into tile if I try that Mike.'s picture

Bill you could just place a solid cube there sized to whatever you need and elevated to where you need then surface copy

the existing backsplash to the cube. 


I am currently using this method to place 30" of faux stone on the bottom of exterior walls for 3D purposes rather than

trying to create a special wall with stone and siding.  I just overlayed a 1/4" thick solid cube on a standard sided wall and

added a stone texture.  Never know the difference unless you need it for a SECTION.



Bill M
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Jim that's what I was

Jim that's what I was thinking of doing but I was concerned about matching the existing backsplash.

Bill Wimberley
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Wall Covering

Bill, instead of using the Tiled Backsplash from the Cabinet Accessories I would go to interior mode and use a Wall Covering. 

Select Wall Covering from the Draw tab. Select a wall covering to use. Make sure to select Manual Trace. Draw a polygon along the walls behind the cabinets. Edit the polygon and uncheck Full Height. Set the height as needed to cover the wall under the wall cabinets.

This has the advantages of not leaving any blank spaces, you can control exactly where it starts and ends, and you can assure that if you have staggered upper cabinets the wall below them will be completely covered.

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Bill M
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Worked perfectly Bill, thanks

Worked perfectly Bill, thanks so much.  Still so many features of SP to become familiar with.

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Another option is that I put a base cabinet>fill 1" deep (I use to be able to put 1/2" before in version 12 I think) so that way the backsplash is continuous, it's simple and I just adjust the height to the highest cabinet. With the stove put in place, you don<t really see the fill on the floor plan.

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I had already used wallpaper to give the walls in the room a better texture, so I liked ths base cabinet solution best... as I wanted to stop the backsplash at either the hood or top of the cabinets and my ceiling height is beyond at 10-12'.  Thanks!