Awning Creation

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Awning Creation
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What would be the best or easist way to create an awning like the one in the pic below. ( For 3D use )






Bill Wimberley
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I would use Sketchup to make the awning and then create a symbol using the Sketchup model. But if you don't use Sketchup I would use a 3D Polygon. In a new drawing select Draw--> Solid--> Polygon 3D and draw a cross section of the awning. Give it a height equal the the width you want the finished awning. Create a 3D view and export to a 3D format such as DWG. Use the Symbol Wizard to create the awning from the exported 3D model. In the Symbol Wizard you can rotate the awning to the proper orientation.

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I would use a wedge and a

I would use a wedge and a profile to add the trim

and then I would make any text you want to put on it in a paint program.


...oops misspelled well

Kelly Strickland
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For the text, you could draw

For the text, you could draw/trace letters as solids and save as symbol.