Auto Frieze Cut @ Encroaching Openings

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Dan Turner
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Auto Frieze Cut @ Encroaching Openings
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I posted this inquiry to SPLASH this morning just to see if there was a lever to pull to auto cut exterior wall frieze/mouldings when an opening winds up in the way.  I'd love to show my clients a 3d of the damn round top lite over the top of a 6/8 door...spanning the 3/0 door & 2-12 inch side lites.  But...I don't want to spend a lot of time on handmilling a virtual member for this location...only to have them say...."wellllll....forget it.  Let's just go with the rectangular transom"

I'm low on blood pressure medicine...and it's too early for wine.

Bill Wimberley
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Frieze boards don't cut for openings but Bandings do. Just get rid of the frieze and add a Banding and assign it the same profile you used for the frieze. You may need to copy the profile from the frieze library to the banding library. The vertical location of the banding is adjusted by setting the offset on the Common tab.

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Dan Turner
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You still the man.....smarter

You still the man.....smarter than the average Brujo.  Softplan tech advised...."chair rail and use appropriate offset."