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Attic Room Window
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When creating an attic room over a garage how do you guys typically handle the window in the gable? Do you run the front garage wall to the roof and add a window somehow over the garage door or do you do the second floor gable wall as a separate wall and add the window to it?

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Attic room

If the attic room has a floor, I treat it as a second floor otherwise I extend the wall up to the roof. If the wall extends up to the roof, the easiest way to add the window is to add it while in 3D. I set the window as "Dashed" because I need the Opening ID and rough opening to show up on my floor plan. If you set it to hidden, then the Opening ID and rough opening won't print (unless it has changed in 2016).

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I do this fairly often.  If

I do this fairly often.  If the window is part of a bonus room, then I draw the bonus room as a second floor and the window is added there.  If the window is actually in an attic there are two ways that I've done this...

1) I insert the window on the floor plan and set the wall to go all the way to the roof.  I set the offset to have the window elevated and set it to 'hidden' on the floor plan so it isn't confused with the garage door.  It still appears in elevation where I will note anything I need.

2) In roof mode, you can edit that edge to enable the gable vent.  When you select the type of gable vent, you can actually use a window.  The window options are a little more limited this way, but I find it to be easier.  You can set the height from the gable peak, exterior trim, but I don't think you can add shutters to the window this way.  You have to add the shutters when drawing the elevation.

- Cory