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Bill M
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Area doesn't clear
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2014 Plus

What I mean is when I go to look at the area of a floor plan, it will show area from other plans.  When I make changes for the client I usually save the drawing as new with the current date.  I go to measure the area for the new drawing and I erase it from the previous drawings but it still shows area from somewhere.  Is there a way to avoid this?  Thanks.

Bill Wimberley
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It sounds like maybe you have an area that is on a layer and the layer is turned off. Try using Type Erase and select Areas to delete all areas and then redraw. Another possible cause is that you have another drawing in the model stack that has an area in it and you are generating your Area Schedule set to "Drawings in Model" and these other areas are being picked up.

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Bill M
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I haven't added any

I haven't added any additional layers and the three drawings show only one layer each.  Also there is only one drawing in the model stack at this time.  I have a total of 3 drawings and only one is in the stack.  The other two are listed under floor plans.  

The thing is, there are no areas showing at all in any of these three drawings as I have erased it from all of them.

Edit:  Bill while typing this reply I opened SP and looked at the area in two of the drawings.  It had cleared.  I sometime wonder if I need to shut down the program to have things "correct" themselves.  Anyway, it's fine now. 

Thanks for your input as always.