Anyone else having issues with Site Plans in 2014?

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Anyone else having issues with Site Plans in 2014?
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'North' is reset to 90 degrees on any drawings I import from 2012 to 2014.  I notified tech support and they are looking into it.  


The latest issue I see is that my property line bearings no longer have a North/South/East/West reference.  They are all numerical values on my property lines.  The N/S & E/W options are grayed out.  Is there a setting I am missing on the project or drawing options that disable directional bearings?

- Cory

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Support was able to answer

Support was able to answer part of my question.  We have to select 'Indicate Angle Quadrants' on the Projet Information tab.  However, there is a bug.  'North Options' settings will be lost if you use the 'North' button in the status bar that is visible in Site mode.

Bill Wimberley
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Yep, looks like there are still a few problems here and there. North options were a drawing option setting in earlier versions. It has been moved to a Project setting in 2014. Attempting to change the North options within the drawing confuses SoftPlan. I'm sure they will get it ironed out soon.

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