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Another Deck Question
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2016 Plus

Is there a way to set the "Ring Joist", "Rim Board" or "Facer Board" ( depending on the terminology where you live )

for a deck ?  If I set the joist for a deck to be 2 x 8's then the Rim Board defaults to the same depth.  There are some

instances where you might want that exterior Rim to be a different depth.  How do I do that ?



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Deck ring joist

Explode your deck, that will split your ring joists from the deck joists. Edit your ring joists and decks joists by unchecking the clean-up box (otherwise it matches both). You'll have to edit the offset of your deck joists so that the top matches the top of your ring joists.

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Forget the uncheck clean-up,

Forget the uncheck clean-up, set your joist to a different level so it will not match your ring and deck joists.'s picture
Ring Joist

Yvon, I forgot about being able to explode the deck, I just got hung up in the deck Edit Menu.   

It would be nice if you could just go to the deck Edit Menu and do all this stuff in one place.

While we are talking about decks how do you handle placing different infills in different sections of 

the deck i.e. a glass panel in the first section and pickets in the next, then glass, then pickets etc.

Or what about a mix of pickets and glass within one section ?   How are those done ?

Appreciate the benefit of your wisdom ;-)



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Railing infills

I don't deal much with custom deck railings but testing it out, it involves a bit more adjustments then a standard railing. The way that I would do it is to draw a 1rst railing section (spindles) then a 2nd railing section (glass) in the required lengths for the sections. Then, copy and paste those 2 sections as required. It requires a little tweaking.

For a mix of pickets and glass, it would be the same principle except you remove the posts in the required locations.

That's the way that I would do it using actual railings otherwise you can create sections as symbols and then place them one beside the other.

I'm presently on 2014 so 2016 might have more flexibilities.

Hope this helps