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Kimberly Rippentrop
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Animation Video
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I created my first animation video. It's rough but it took almost 2 days to create after the frames were all saved so I won't be refining it. Is this long process time why everyone seems to use SketchUp? Is SP just not the most efficient way to make animations? Or did I do it wrong? I just saved the frames as a the .sva file then saved as a .wmv file, which is what took way too long... over 5800 frames! 


Any thoughts on this?


Bryan in Bend
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Check your settings: I use

Check your settings: I use textured, renders faster if you have a slow computer, if you want to render faster, maybe get a new graphics card, if you have a desktop computer. Should be able to get one of the newer graphics cards for under $150.  gtx 1050 4G