All walls appearing the same in 3D textured model.

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All walls appearing the same in 3D textured model.
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I've recently opened up a project that was drawn by someone else a few years ago, using the 2012 version.

The floor plan consists of exterior 2x6 siding walls, and interior 2x4 and 2x6 partition walls. Everything on the floor plan appears to be drawn correctly, but in the 3D textured model, all the walls appear to be vinyl siding.

Both the outside and inside face of the exterior walls appear to be vinyl siding, as well as both faces of the two different interior partitions.

I've checked the wall definitions, and they all seem to be done correctly.

Any ideas on what the problem might be? Could opening a 2012 drawing in the 2016 version potentially cause this?


Thanks a lot.

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Sometime, texture assignment doesn't relate well between versions depending on settings also. Go in Options>Material while in 3D and verify the textures assigned to the drywall. You can edit it there for all your drywall. The texture might also have been copied by mistake from the siding to the drywall by the person doing the drawing in the 2012 version.

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It was the texture.

That was it! The drywall texture was set as vinyl. It's fixed now.