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Adding/Creating Material
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When creating a roof, is there a way to get the roof to add materials such as drip edges, valley tin, flashing along walls, and ice dam shields and eave vents. Other areas in which i would like to add material would be for window and door flashings, drip caps. I would also like to have hurricane clips for my roof trusses added to the drawing so that they are included in softlist

When creating a floor, I would like to be able to specify the use of subfloor adhesive and give it a value of so many ounces per sheet of OSB/CDX. Additionally, adding joist hangers as well.

For me, being able to incorporate this into the drawing would be for accurate estimates in soft plan ensuring that I dont miss things and it isnt something that I have to manually add to my estimate after it is produced.

If anybody has any ways of doing this or ways to manipulate some of the construction incidentals so that they are added into the takeoff, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Wimberley
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Materials for SoftList

Most, if not all, of the materials you are describing are either already in SoftList or can easily be created by copying an existing material and modifying it slightly. For instance the Standard Detailed material list already has "Valley Roofing (Flashing)" defined. You don't have to draw in any flashing. SoftList calculates the length of all the roof valleys and uses that to list the quantity of valley flashing. Drip Caps could be calculated by copying the Fascia Board formula and renaming it Drip Caps. Soffit Vents could be accounted for by copying the Soffit formula and modifying it to add 1 vent for each 4' of soffit length. Hurricane clips can be calculated by taking the total length of all exterior walls and dividing by 4' or whatever spacing you use. Joist Hangers can be accounted for by editing your joist set and selecting to add Joist hangers and select which side or both sides to add the hangers to.

You don't have to create all of your formulas from scratch. If you look through the formulas that come with SoftList you will find most of the calculations are already there. Or if they aren't you can find a formula that can be copied and easily modified to get what you are wanting.

Give it a try and if you get stuck on something just ask and someone should be able to help you out with a formula that will work for you.

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Roof Flashing

How can I get the roofing counter flashing detail to show in my drawings? 





Bill Wimberley
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Counter Flashing

Ryan, I don't know any way to show counter flashing in 3D other than creating a 3D symbol and placing it where you want to show the flashing. That would be quite tedious though to try to put that level of detail in your renderings. But it could be done.