Adding false dormers

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Bill M
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Adding false dormers
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2014 Plus

I searched for adding false dormers or any similiar features to roofs but didn't find anything.  I can get them added but only after a bunch of work editing and I think it is probably much easier than what I go through. 

Just a suggestion.

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False dormers

Bill, Have you watched the videos on them? Not sure what you are trying to do that is requiring so much work because it shouldn't be. The videos are on the Softplan startup page.

Bill M
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Where is the video located?

Where is the video located?  I would like to view it.  As I said I looked around but didn't find one.

Bill Wimberley
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False Dormers

Bill, it's a very simple process.

  1. Select Add False Dormer
  2. Select the opening you want to be in the dormer
  3. Select the type of walls to be used
  4. Select the roof style
  5. Adjust the width if necessary
  6. Click where you want the inside center of the front wall to be located

That's all there is to it. You may need to do some additional roof adjustments afterward if the pitch doesn't come in correctly but other than that you shouldn't need to mess with it much. I generally draw a couple of intersecting lines ahead of time where I want the inside center of the dormer to be so I can just snap to that location.

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Bill M
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That is the process I follow

That is the process I follow and did today after posting this.  The one I drew today went much easier than ones before.  Not sure why they have given me trouble.