3d Rendering Questions

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3d Rendering Questions
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I am new to 3d rendering of any kind and I am having quite a bit of trouble getting my rendering of my house to look like it was taken by a camera.  It still looks computer ish.  I have turned my anti alias all the way up to 10 and I am "Rendering to file".  Am I over looking a setting possibly or are you guys combining other software to help you achieve your look.  I have gone to the 3d rendering gallery on Softplan and I am blown away at some of the renderings you guys are producing.  Are you guys importing your own backgrounds?  Are you editing and saving your renderings in other then a jpeg file?  I am stumped.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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3D rendering

Most people that obtain the most realistic looks import to other programs to finalize their plans.

It can take quite a bit of adjustments (specially at the beginning) to improve the outcome. If using Texture mode, in some cases turning on the reflection (Re tab at the top) can help dramatically specially in the case of interiors where you have mirrors and reflective surfaces.

You also have to play around with the texture options such as Ambient and Diffuse. Relief Depth is also important but not to much as it sometime gives a strange appearance. Emissive is required when you want something brighter with a glow such has the glass of a like fixture.

For backgrounds, you can use any picture (Jpeg most typical), even pictures you take yourself.