3D material files

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3D material files
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I guess that when your in 3D and you click on load material file and select, there is no going back to your previous setup?

Bill Wimberley
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Save Material File

You can save your current settings by selecting File⇒Material File⇒Save and give it a name. I generally use the name of the current project. Then you can switch back to it by selecting the name from the list.

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I'm pretty sure you can do

I'm pretty sure you can do and "Undo" to get back to your last material file. You'd have to do it as before you made a lot of changes or you would lose them too.



Bill Wimberley
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Yep, good call there Phil. I'm pretty sure this only works in 2014 since undo for materials changes did not exist in previous versions. I knew you could undo a few materials editing changes but I didn't realize you could undo changing the material file as well.