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3D Symbols
SoftPlan Version:

I tried to create a fairly straightforward 3D symbol, of a gallow bracket, which would be used to support a small entrance porch roof, over a front entrance.

3D image lookes like the image below, GB1 Rendered. It seems correct to me:

Yet, when looked in elevation, additional lines are visible within the gallow bracket.


First I created this symbol within Softplan, using Softplan tools only.

Secondly I created this symbol within Autocad.


Both designs create these additional lines.


Does anybody know the cause of this, and is aware of a 'work-around' to eliminate these additional lines?






Bill Wimberley
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The problem you are seeing is the result of triangulation of the faces. The faces, rather than being a continuous plane, are made up of triangles. Some programs are better than others at hiding the edges where the triangles join. Sketchup is excellent at hiding triangulation. SoftPlan.... not so much.

In SoftPlan you can try a couple things. While viewing in 3D select Options⇒Mode Options⇒Line Options and either turn off lines or turn on Display Silhouette.

If the result is not acceptable then the only way I have found to get rid of the triangulation is to convert the 3D model faces into 3D Faces. You said that you have AutoCad so open the 3D model in AutoCad. I would bet that if you checked the faces you would find that they are Polyface Meshes. If that is the case then select the entire model and explode one time. Now check the faces and they should be 3D Faces. If so then save the model and see if the triangulation goes away in SoftPlan.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Thanks Bill, for your prompt

Thanks Bill, for your prompt reply:

Unfortunately both procedures did not solve this issue.

I imagine these lines will need 'manual' deleting, ones saved as a drawing.




Bill Wimberley
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Walter, I'm sorry that didn't help. I've been trying to get SoftPlan to deal with this triangulation problem ever since I started using it way back in version 10.

I create a lot of 3D models in Sketchup for use as 3D models in SoftPlan. What I do is after I create the model I also save out 2D versions of each side of the model as DWG files. Then I import the DWG files into SoftPlan and create symbols of these side views. When I save out a drawing and it is all triangulated I just replace the triangulated version of the symbol with the clean version created in Sketchup. It saves having to explode and manually clean up the symbols.

I do the same thing for items such as appliances. For instance I may have a range that I use all the time and it is extremely triangulated in cross sections and interior elevations. I find the 3D model that is associated with the symbol and open it in Sketchup. I then save out 2D versions of the front and each side and use those to replace the triangulated versions. Otherwise I'd be spending 15 minutes on each plan just cleaning up triangulation from the appliances.