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Tami Olsen
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3D Site and Driveway
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2016 Plus

I'm trying to get the model "pretty" for this client and am having strange trouble with the driveway. I drew linework and traced the driveway onto it, then froze the linework layer. Set the driveway to fit to the grade, but it just doesn't appear in my model. Maybe it's a setting somewhere that I've got wrong, but I've never had it just NOT appear before.


I've also just realized I can trim off the useless bottom of my chunk of ground. I like using the civil elevations, but having 1500 feet of dirt makes section cuts frustrating, so this should help a lot. The only problem is that chunk where the house sits. I'm sure it's coming from the site settings and the building elevation, but I'm not sure I can do anything about that and still keep my grade elevations where they are. Ideas? :)

Binary Data site_plan.spd839.66 KB
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Bill Wimberley
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The part this is sticking way down below the site is the Building Outline. You have the site at around 1500' up but the building outline is at about 1' up. And since you have the building outline set to cut the site you end up with a long cut the shape of the building outline extending down below the site. You can set the building outline to 1496' and the problem goes away.

The drive not showing has to do with the curve at the street. For some reason giving that edge a curve causes the drive to disappear. If you set the street edge to have no radius then the drive comes back in 3D. Not sure what is causing the drive to not work if there is a radius on that edge.

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Tami Olsen
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Perfect, Bill! Thank you! Sometimes you just need another set of eyes on things to try stuff you haven't thought of. Cheers!

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Site Topography

Tami, I notice in the render you posted the site has nice gentle curves.  How do

you get the site grades to have soft curves rather than that triangulated look ?


Tami Olsen
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It's always done a pretty

It's always done a pretty good job for me. I use splines and not lines, if that makes a difference. Sometimes it wigs out a bit once in a while, but I just need to tweak the placement of them to smooth it. If they get too close together, or the spline is broken, it causes some weird planes to form. It also acts a bit strange along things that cut the ground, so I play with the placement of those to let the 3D model cover that up.