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3D Openings
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Good Afternoon!


I have edited some doors from the Manufacturer libraries.  When I change the product code and relocate that door to a different library (one that uses our company name to keep things organized) the door loses all details in 3D view. The elevation still shows up correctly. If I change the product code and it remains in its Manufacturer library, all the details remain as well. Wondering why it does that and if there is a way around that?


I guess it isn't a big deal, but trying to organize our libraries to make work more efficient. 


Thanks for the help!

Bill Wimberley
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SoftPlan allows for "Inherited" opening materials as well custom materials for an individual opening. Inheritance allows for a material to be assigned once and then propagated down through the hierarchy of openings by selecting to inherit the textures from the level above. Once you move or rename an opening it is no longer the same opening as far as the materials is concerned. Materials (textures) are not part of the opening definition. Rather, they are assigned in the Materials editor. If you move or rename an opening you will need to reassign the textures in the Materials editor. Be sure to save the materials back to Default/3D.spm once you have made your changes if you wish the new assignments to be saved to the default materials.

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Thank you Bill! Exactly what

Thank you Bill! Exactly what I was looking for. I didn't save the default/3D at first and couldn't figure out why it wasn't saving. Thank you, thank you