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Bill Wimberley
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2018 Roofs
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

I wanted to pass this along to all those who have had the same concerns as I about the roof changes in 2018. It does now appear that at some point I will be able to use version 2018. I am exceedingly pleased with this development smiley Thank you Brent and the entire SoftPlan team who have looked into these concerns.

Good afternoon  Bill,

I just wanted to follow up on this email as we have been making some modifications to the roof in consideration of your concerns.

Using the Sheathing placement option: ‘Sheathing Upper Corner inline with Fascia Edge’ should give you the framing placement you had in 2016.

With regards to the roofing material thickness and overhang, we are looking at this further.  With the current settings, turning off the Shingles in the material file is a way to get the roofing material back to the way it was in 2016. That will generate Elevations, Birdseye views etc using the top of the Sheathing as desired. You will need to assign a roofing texture to the sheathing but this will get you the dimensional results that you have requested.

Best regards,
Brent Hyndman


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Mike Landry
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Interesting, I recently

Interesting, I recently mentioned on Softplans forum that there was an ongoing discussion about the roof issues here at

your site. That post was removed by the administrators after about 36 hours. Looks like it helped your situation. I think Softplan has

done an awesome job of listening to its users concerns and I am loving version 18.