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2018 Inference Lines
SoftPlan Version:
2018 Plus

I just started my first project using 2018 and find that Softplan is showing temporary Red Dashed "Inference Lines" any time I get near a wall or line.

I'm not sure how it is intended to be used but so far am finding it distracting. How do I turn that off ?

Also I've noticed that when drawing a line I get these temporary little red double headed arrows as I approach the end of the line.   Same issue as 

above, I find them distracting.  In fact it seems to me that lines draw differently in 2018.  IN 2016 if I started a line I could click to start the line, let

go of the mouse button, drag the line to where I wanted it then click again to finish the line.   Now I find once I press the the mouse button down to

start the line I can;t let go of the mouse button until I'm finished the line otherwise I just get a little dash of a line which I then have to adjust to length.

This is a different behaviour then 2016.  Is there a way to change it back ?

Bill Wimberley
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Projection Snap

SoftPlan calls the dashed snaps "Projection Snaps", and I agree they are very annoying. They can be useful in certain cases but having them on all the time is very distracting and annoying. To turn them off or on you have to go to System Options⇒Cursor Options and check or uncheck Enable Projection Snap. I asked SoftPlan to add a keyboard shortcut to be able to turn them off and on easily but they didn't do it. Instead they tied them to the normal snaps so that you can use F11 to turn on or off ALL snaps. Not what I wanted. I wanted to keep them separate and just add a keyboard shortcut for the Projection Snaps. So instead of being able to select which snaps you want for a given situation you have the choice of ALL snaps or NO snaps unless you go into the System Options. The keyboard shortcut would have been perfect... but I'm not in charge.

Drawing lines is the same as in all previous versions. Perhaps you are double clicking when starting your lines. Might be a mouse problem as well. I have had mouse buttons go bad and start issuing double clicks when making a single click.

I absolutely agree that the double headed adjust arrows are annoying. I had a discussion with SoftPlan asking them to give us the ability to turn them off. Again, no such luck. I think the arrows are stupid and useless.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Projection Snaps

Hi Bill, thanks for the info on the Projection Snaps.  They seem similar to the Inference Lines in Sketchup but there

they make sense due to the way Sketchup works, but I'm not sure how I'd use them in Softplan.   I will go into System

Options and turn them off, thanks again.