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Kelly Strickland
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2014 glitches
SoftPlan Version:

Anyone else having issues with openings losing their properties for no reason and other things like in "edit" and having to move the mouse down to see all options?

Bill Wimberley
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Video Drivers

That top image looks like you may have an opening in a gable wall. If you have "Gable End Provided by Roof" selected for a gable it can cover up an opening like that if you have an opening up high in the wall.

The other problem sounds to me like a video driver problem. Does your video card support DirectX 11? Do you have the latest drivers installed? I had the same problem early on in testing 2014 but after a video driver update it cleared up.

That bottom image of the door looks to me like you may have 2 walls in the same location. If that is not the case then I would suspect that there is something off in the wall definition or the opening itself. Is that a customized wall or a standard wall?

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Kelly Strickland
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Bill, Thanks. The opening

Bill, Thanks. The opening issue just happens for no reason, but especially when a block is copied. My video card was decent about 3 years ago but probably does not support directx. I suspect the other issue is related to the video card too. Time for new computer anyways. Glad to hear others are not having this issue! Thanks again.

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I've had the thing where the

I've had the thing where the window is not there in 3D several time and also had it at the beginning of 2012.   Seems I would either do cleanup, redraw or I think I had to restart and the windows would straighten out.


I think it was on plans brought over from the previous version. V14 to 2012 or 2012 to 2014.

But since it fixed itself after restart and was old brought over plans, it's really not an issue.



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I had the same issue as you

I had the same issue as you with some windows recently.  About 12 windows on a house suddenly looked just like your top pick.  I tried several things including closing the project and the deleting cache, view, & recovery files but that didn't help.  I finally had to copy each opening and place it to the side.  Then delete the original and move the replacement into the correct location.  It was a bit of a pain.  Basically it looked like the opening was on the plan, but not attached to the wall in any way.  As if it was just floating in the same space as the wall.


Sadly I didn't bother reporting it to Softplan.  I've had numerous random issues.  Every time I report it they either can't reproduce the issue or they ask for something else after I've already figured out a work around.


On a side note, the random crashes have reduced in frequency since the latest patch, but I am still having them on different PCs.

- Cory

Kelly Strickland
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Cory- the probelm that you

Cory- the problem that you describe is the same as mine. I just sent the file and pictures to tech support. Will post the outcome.