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2 monitors
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I searched, but I could not find any info on how to set up 2 monitors.  Help??

Bill M
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Larry I don't know if there

Larry I don't know if there is anything you can do in SP itself to use two monitors.  I am assuming you have two hooked up and running.  I would have a plan on my main monitor and the right click what I want to open and ask to open in a new window.  If it doesn't open in the 2nd monitor I drag it over there.  I enjoy working on the floop plan while having the rendering or other open on the 2nd monitor.  I'll be watching this to see if there is anything specific to be done in SP.

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2 monitors

What exactly do you mean "set up" two monitors? If you are referring to having 2 different views showing in softplan on 2 different monitors then go to "window" and click on the "move to new window" icon. That will put what is on screen to your second monitor provided you are appropriately set up with your computer. Is that what you were asking for?

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Over many years of reading

Over many years of reading post,I got the impression that I could work on a floor plan on one screen and see the results on the rendering or elevatiion on the second one, or third.

Bill Wimberley
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2 Monitors

Yes, working with 2 monitors is easy. You just open up another Window and place it on the other monitor. To open a window right click the name of a closed drawing in the Navigation Pane on the left and and select Open in New Window. If you already have a drawing open in a tab you can right click the tab and choose any of the Window options as appropriate.

Also check out the tutorial on Windows

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A cool feature I use

A cool feature I use regularly is 'Sync Model Zoom' so I can pan the floor plan on monitor 1 while SP pans the foundation or 2nd level on monitor 2.  Its a good way to scan footprint dimensions to insure a proper stack.



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Well, I guess I did read it

Well, I guess I did read it somewhere.  Thanks Bill and all the rest.