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User Defined Groups
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Not sure where I’m going wrong here or how it should work??

I’ve created a variable called Concrete_Strength in the Material definitions >User Defined Groups Section.

Question, should this automatically show in the SLAB Tab under selections when I right click and select edit on my floor system?? Going over the Softlist training DVD's it looks like it should but I can’t get this to happen? I've tried several times without luck. Do I have to enter the variable manually in this part?

The other thing is if I create a variable from within the Slab Selections Section it does not show in the material definition under USER DEFINED GROUPS PROPERTIES?

Any guidance is appreciated.

Softplan2014 - AUS.

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After looking more closely I

After looking more closely I found I'd hadn't selected the correct material definition under Softlist>Default Material Definition.

All items come through once entered in the material definition OK.  




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Great that you figured it out.

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