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Take off - Studs
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2014 Plus

When I do take off by hand I don't bother with ordering shorter studs for jacks/crips.  I am trying to get softlist to simply count the studs for different wall heights.  If a 9' wall use 104 5/8 studs, if 10' - 116 5/8.  Not quite smart enough to write all the formulas for this.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Bill Wimberley
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This is the way I do it. I have 6 formulas.

2x4 Precut (A)
2x4 Precut (B)
2x4 Precut (C)
2x6 Precut (A)
2x6 Precut (B)
2x6 Precut (C)

The letter designations indicate the height and use "User Defined Variables" to define what those heights are.

The formulas look like this:

When you have the list of materials open you will see 4 tabs at the top of the page. Select the User Defined Variables tab to access the variables page. If they don't already exist create the variables Precut_A = 92.625", Precut_B = 104.625", and Precut_C = 116.625". These will be the stud sizes for 8', 9', and 10' walls.

The 6 formulas should look like this, substituting Precut_B, and Precut_C for the 9' and 10' stud formulas. This is the formula for 8' wall studs.

if between (stud_width,3",5") and within(stud_thickness,0.5", 1.5")
   if not (stud_type=jack)
      if within(stud_height,1.125",precut_A)

​The first line checks the width and thickness of the stud. If it is between 3" and 5" wide and .5" and 1.5" thick then the formula continues. If not then it ends.

Next it checks if this is a jack stud. If not then the formula continues.

Next it checks the height of the stud. If it is within 1.125" of Precut_A, which is defined as 92.625" then the formula continues. This allows your walls to be exactly 8' or more accurately 8'-1.125" and still be counted. SoftPlan's default walls are 8'. All my custom walls are 8'1.125". This formula works in either case.

The next line sets the format the dimensions will display. The width, thickness, and height are all set to display in inches.

Next the formula uses "List" to add 1 2" x 4" x 92.625" stud to the list. The variable Precut_A is replaced with the defined variable length of 92.625".

The other formulas would be all the same but with slight variations. The 9' wall formulas would use Precut_B and the 10' wall formulas would use Precut_C. The 2x6 formulas would check for a stud width between 5" and 7". And the List for 2x6 walls would be list(1,2",6",precut_A).

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Very interesting Bill. I haven't had the chance to play with Softlist since probably version 8.


Out of curiosity, what is the allocation in the stud thickness and depth for?



Bill Wimberley
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Stud Thickness and Depth

The Stud Thickness and Depth checks are just to verify the studs are actually common wall studs. You can define studs in walls to be any width and thickness. This could be used for things like creating a pole barn with 4x4 "studs" every 8' or a glass store front with a divider every 4'. This of course would not fall into the category of common wall studs so the formula verifies the studs are actually common stud sizes. If you wanted to create a wall definition that used studs in this way you could then create a formula that looks for specific sized studs and reports them as timbers, posts, dividers, or whatever you wanted to call them.

In the case of the formulas I presented it also allows you to keep 2x4 and 2x6 studs in separate formulas so you can assign different costs.

The range of sizes are kind of a catch-all. Some people have their walls defined to use 3 1/2" studs. Others use 4" studs. The 3" to 5" range would catch anything between 3" and 5".

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Thank you for the in depth

Thank you for the in depth response Bill!  This is a great site, and has helped me tremendously!  I had already gone into the user defined and set my stud lengths to what you show, but the problem is keeping jack studs from showing up in softlist.  I have checked "no jack studs" in my framing options, but softlist is still counting them.  My concern is that my stud count will not be enough.  Typically I would figure wall length and not remove any openings.  I don't know how to tell what softlist is calculating.  If that makes any sense??? 


If I delete jack studs from my material definitions list, will that throw things off.  The last thing I want to do is delete something and create a whole different problem. 

Bill Wimberley
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If you don't want to count jack studs in your studs list the formulas I showed will bypass them when counting studs. If you don't want any jack studs at all then find the formula that is counting them and disable that formula. If you want to count the jack studs as regular studs then remove the line that checks to see if they are jack studs. Just remember that if you do that you will also need to remove one of the 'endif' statements as well.

SoftList doesn't look at the length of the wall when counting studs. It looks at how many studs are in the wall. I'm trying to understand why you are trying to make the process more difficult than it needs to be. If there are 21 studs in a wall then SoftList counts 21 studs, no matter what the length of the wall is. You could have a 30' wall that is full of windows and only have 10 studs or you could have a 12' wall with 10 studs. If you switch to Framing Mode within SoftPlan you can see exactly how many studs are in each wall by just counting them up. Also note that while in Framing Mode you can manually add or delete studs if the automatic studs don't meet a certain case.

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jack studs counting as normal stud

Bill, Im not following you about how to get softlist to count jack studs as normal studs.  When i remove the line "if not (stud_type= jack)" and then remove the endif my stud counts should go up and they are not.  Any more thoughts?

Allen McDonnell

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