Softlist FTG Width and Depth Variables reporting unusual no's?

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Softlist FTG Width and Depth Variables reporting unusual no's?
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Some ideas please!

The Footing_depth along with the Footing_wibth variable in the Slab Component “Slab Edge” is reporting some unusual numbers. For example in a formula with the Footing_depth variable alone Softlist returns a figure of 1980.01. Though my actual footing depth is 350mm?? (See Example below) Likewise footing_wibth returns a figure of 1540.01 though my actual footing width is 450mm??

I would expect Softlist to report the actual width and depth as specified in the drawing... Anyone able to help me better understand how Softlist is calculating these numbers??

Softplan2014 - AUS.

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Concrete Footings

I assume you want to report size of footings and cu. yds. of concrete?

See attached default Softlist standard detailed concrete formulas.

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In your formula, the place

In your formula, the place you put footing depth is an area for calculating Quanity.   So no telling what it is calculating, when it needs footing_depth x footing_area to calculate a cubic foot, or the metric quanitity(guess there is a metric cubic foot).   to make it list the size you would put the info in the "Value"


The formula you have setup is measuring a mono footer on the edge of the slab, which I think you want.    If you have a stemwall footer or wall footer, the Material setup would be under wall, not slab.