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Rebar Cut List/ Qty Report
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Does anyone currently have Softlist produce a qty / cutlist of their wall steel (Rebar/Deformed Steel)?

Suppliers in our area basically are backed up with jobs by up to 4 weeks without this information being supplied to them. I’m thinking Softlist might be able to assist with this in the future?? But I’m not entirely sure if it can.

The immediate challenge that comes to mind is;

  • How can Softlist produce a cut list report of this material without it being drawn?

Anyone help or advise you can provide so I can tackle this is greatly appreciated?

Softplan2014 - AUS.

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Not knowing what your rebar requirements are makes it difficult.

Do you know the lineal amount of rebar per given length of footing/wall?

You can create a user defined variable to suit your needs based on wall length.

Say you know the lineal footage of rebar you use for a given length of footings/wall.

Create a user variable @rebar.  @ is for user defined variable(s) for softlist to use them in the formulas.

@rebar is for length of rebar used.  Say you use 30' of rebar for every 1' of footing wall.


Multiply length of footings/walls x @rebar.

Might need to include another @rebar_corner variable for rebar at footing/wall corners.

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Thanks rodl,

Thanks rodl,


Just the direction was needing. I'll give it a go.