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SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

I'm guessing there is a way to change settings, but currently:


When I produce my quantity take-off list, it lists wall plates, sill plates ect in LF. Is there a way to have Soft List, or Softplan figure out the board lengths and do the take-offs that way? (Ex. a 30' wall to have a 2x6x14 plate and a 2x6x16 plate instead of 30LF of plates).

A related take-off question for drywall, would be to add 4x10 and 4x12 sheets of drywall vs using all 4x8 sheets.


If there is a way to change this, please let me know. This board has helped me with SP quite a bit! Thanks!

Bill Wimberley
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Material take-off

Yes, there are ways to do what you are wanting in SoftList. Right now I'm completely covered up with work and will be out of town for the weekend so it will be probably Sunday before I can describe all the changes you need to make in the formulas. But I will bookmark this so I won't forget about it and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Of course if someone else wants to help out and can get to it sooner that would be great.

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Material Takeoff: Lumber, Drywall, Board Feet, Stairs

Yes there is.  Here are some for use.


Here is a formula that works for wall multiple plate lengths. It will calculate and report how many 16', 14', 12', 10', 8' plates for walls. This is a custom formula type.

  if length <8' lumber (length / 16', thickness, height, 16', spruce) else  if between (length, 8', 16') or length = 8' lumber (1, thickness, height, length, spruce)  else  lumber (trunc (length / 16), thickness, height, 16', spruce)  @remainder = length - (16 * trunc (length / 16)) if @remainder < 8' lumber (@remainder / 8', thickness, height, 8', spruce) else  lumber (1, thickness, height, @remainder,spruce) endif  endif  endif   ​Drywall Formula

Here is modified sheetrock formula to include 54" sheetrock.

; wall height calculation for 48" or 54" sheets

if height<=8' or height>9'

; get count of 8' sheets if 8' or less

if length<=8'

; how many 10' sheets 

if between(length,8',10') or length=10'

; how many 12' sheets

if between(length,10',12') or length=12'

; how many 14' sheets

if between(length,12',14') or length=14'

; how many 16' sheets

if between(length,14',16') or length=16'

; if walls over 16', how many 16' sheets and length of sheet left over.

list((height/@width) *trunc (length/16),thickness,@width,16')
@remainder=length - (16*trunc(length/16))

if @remainder <=8' 

if between(@remainder,8',10') or @remainder=10'

if between(@remainder,10',12') or @remainder=12'

if between(@remainder,12',14') or @remainder=14'

if between(@remainder,14',16') or @remainder=16'



​Board Foot

"Board Feet Formula for Wall Plates - 2x4 to 2x12"

Here is the board feet formula for wall plates. 2x4 through 2x12
Price is based on spruce table using 16' stock.
Of course you can change this.
thickness = plate width.
height = plate thickness.

This is standard SoftList nomenclature.
This is a custom formula.
Calculations are based on board feet per lineal foot of wall plate.

; = Comments in SoftList.  SoftList ignores these

set_dimens (inches,inches )
;for 2x4 plates 
if between (thickness,3",5")
lumber ( length*.67,height,thickness,16',spruce,lineal)
;for 2x6 plates
if between (thickness,5",6")
lumber ( length*1,height,thickness,16',spruce,lineal)
;for 2x8 plates
if between (thickness,6",8")
lumber ( length,*1.33,height,thickness,16',spruce,lineal)
;for2x10 plates
if between (thickness,8",10")
lumber ( length*1.67,height,thickness,16',spruce,lineal)
;for2x12 plates
if between (thickness,10",12")
lumber ( length*2,height,thickness,16',spruce,lineal)


To report for stringers, treads, risers

1) Select Build > Material List > setup > material definition > edit material

2) Find the stairs in the list (use edit > find)

3) Under the Main Stairs heading, select the stairs row

4) Change the setting for this row in the include column to No

  We need to create formulas for stringers, treads, risers

    This is for an interior straight stair

First the Stringer:

5) Click on the Insert button at the bottom

6) Select Stair from the New Material pop up window

7) The Material Setup Group Stair Window opens

8) In the Material Name box, type Stair Stringer

9) Set include box to Yes and Units box to each

10) Set Stair Type as Straight, Material as regular stair

11) Under Calculation Method, Select Lumber Format

12) Under Quantity select single piece

13) Under Value click the ? to the right of the Total Length Box

14) Select Functions > hypot

15) Click Add to Formula button.  Format is hypot(x,y)

16) Notice the ( ).  Add the rise, run between the parens

17) Should read hypot(rise,run)

18) Type 2" in the Thickness box

19) Type stringer_depth in the Depth Box. Set unit to inches

20) Select Spruce in the Lumber Table box

21) Click the Accounting tab.

22) Under Tracking area > sequence, enter 3100

23) Click OK to close

24) Change Calculation Method to Custom Formula, click Yes

25) Formula window opens

26) Locate the row headed by Lumber

27) Change the number 1 at the start of the formula to num_stringers

Formula should read

if matches (type, straight)

   if matches (stair_material, regular)

      lumber ( num_stringers,2",stringer_depth,hypot(rise,run),spruce)



28) Click OK > Save Changes  > Click Yes

    Second the Tread:

29) Locate the Stringer item we just created in the report

30) Click on the Insert button at the bottom

31) Choose Stair from the new Material Menu

32) Click OK

33) Material Setup Window Opens

34) In Material Name box type Stair Treads

35) Change Units box to feet

36) Under Stair Type select straight

37) Under Material select regular stair

38) Under Calculation Method select Lumber Format

39) Under Quantity select Lineal Feet

40) Under Price Lumber As, type 16'

41) Under Value in Total Length box enter width*tread_count

42) In Thickness box type 1"

43) In Depth box type roundup(tread_depth,1")

44) Set Units box to inches for the Depth

45) Lumber Table box set to Spruce

46) Click Accounting button

47) In sequence box type 3100

48) Click Ok > Save Changes

Third the Risers:

49) Insert new formula beneath treads formula

50) Material Name > Stair Riser

52) Units to feet

53) Stair Type > straight,  Material > regular stair

54) Calculation Method > Lumber Format

55) Quantity > Lineal Length

56) Price Lumber As  16’

57)Under  Value set Total Length to width*riser_count

58) Set Thickness  to 1”

59) In Depth box  roundup(riser_height,1”) set Units > inches

60) Lumber Table > Spruce

61) Accounting > Sequence > 3100

62) Click OK twice > Save Changes

63) Click OK in Material List Window

64) Generate Report > Find Stairs

65) Notice Stringer, Tread, Riser counts


Sorry for the length but wanted to have it clear,  Change the dimensions for the treads and risers to suit your material size.  1” treads, 1” risers.  ¾” treads, ¾” risers, etc…

Bill Wimberley
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Very nice

Very nice rodl. Thanks for taking the time to post these formulas and procedures.