Formula; CONC Deliveries to Site

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Formula; CONC Deliveries to Site
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I’m hoping for some help.

Trying to develop a formula whereby I’m able to determine the amount of deliveries (7.5m3 per del.) of CONC to site for the pouring of my slab and foundations.  

Currently how I’m going about this is by first calculating the footings and on a separate line having a calculation for the slab. Refer Image 1. Calculations of each refer image 2 and 3.

I’ve attempted to combine or formulate a calculation but with absolutely no success. Does anyone have a formula they would like to share or from your experience is my initial approach the best way to go?

Thank you all in advance.

Softplan2014 - AUS.

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Thought I responded to this,

Thought I responded to this, this morning.  Bill probably deleted my response

It sounds like you could use the accumilate deal.    In one of your formulas, over on the right where it is a choice of "list"  "lumber"   "custom"   or "accumilate"  use accumilate, and then you put in the other formula name and it will add to that formula.

Bill Wimberley
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Nope, I didn't delete anything. I've been out of town all day and just got home. About the only time I would delete something is if someone were being rude or abusive.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of

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Thanks Farwood, Worked

Thanks Farwood, Worked perfectly!

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ACCUMALATE FUNC - Follow-up Question

My follow-up question is based on how to use the ACCUMALATE FUNC to accumulate a third separate material into one (total) material formula.

However it doesn’t exactly say how to go about i.e. do I need to create a custom formula to total all the items? Or is there a trick that I’m not catching onto?

Though the following passage uses anchor bolts as the item I will more than likely be working with formulas that are specific to my area.  

Softlist Excerpt (pg54)

However, if SoftList, while generating the material list report, did not find any sill plates on the drawing, the formula for calculating the anchor bolts for sill plates will not be used. Therefore the anchor bolts found in the wall plates will not be reported either because the calculation results have nowhere to accumulate into

To get around this you should use a separate material formula to actually accumulate and report the material. For example, create a third separate material formula called Total Anchor Bolts, and then accumulate all calculations for anchor bolt quantities into this formula. If this were done, anchor bolts would be reported for sill plates and wall plates even if one or the other was not present on the drawing.

Any help/direction is as always is appreciated.

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Based on this info, seems you

Based on this info, seems you should do an item for all to accumulate to.     Altho, I beleive that is there is an error in accumulating, it will show you an error message while building