Flooring not updating on Standard Detailed Report

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Flooring not updating on Standard Detailed Report
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On the Interior layer, I have specified certain rooms to have:


Tile 1,

Tile 2,

Carpet 1,

Carpet 2.


Each tile is a different color and style.  However, when I run the detailed report, it combines them both into the "Marble Tile" item.  So, I went to my Definition settings.  the "Marble Tile" definition had "Tile 1" and "Tile 2" checkmarked, so it made sense why they were being added together.


I changed the name of "Marble Tile" to "Tile 1", and made sure only the "tile 1" checkmark was checked.  I then made a duplicate of this item, and named it "Tile 2", while making sure only the 'tile 2' checkmark was checked.  I regenerated my report, hoping to see a Tile 1 and a Tile 2 product, with separate square footages.  But it looks exactly as before...  "Marble Tile" item with the combined square footages of both kinds of tile.  There's not even a 'Marble Tile' item in my definitions list anymore...  but it is still showing up on my detailed report.  Confused.



Bill Wimberley
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There are a number of materials setups that come with SoftList and you can create your own if you wish. The material formulas for each report is completely separate from all the other reports. So if you make a change to the formulas in one report it does not affect any of the other reports. I would guess that you made the tile change in one of the reports but you ran another report which still had the original formulas.

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Ah, thank you!  Yes, I was

Ah, thank you!  Yes, I was editing the definitions for the 'by floor' report instead of the 'standard detailed' report.