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Corner Bead Formula
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Does anyone have a good formula for Corner Bead?  I've tired the forumla provided by SoftPlan as well as trying to make my own and nothing seems to be working. I drew a simple structure that should only have Corner Bead on 3 of the corners. My formulas all come up with crazy numbers. I've attached a number of screen shots


I am also not 100% clear on what Inside Corner and Outside Corner are referencing due to the results of my formulas. Maybe that is where I am going wrong?


Thanks in advance!



Bill Wimberley
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Just briefly looking at your formulas you might try separate formulas to calculate wall corner beads and arch corner beads. Then use Accumulate to combine them into a single result. Walls and Openings belong to different groups so should have their own formulas based on the appropriate group. You can accumulate results regardless of the group of the original formulas.

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Thanks, I'll try that

Thanks, I'll try that

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Morgan, did you get your

Morgan, did you get your corner bead formula to work?  Im in the early stages of setting up softlist and would be curious to see what you came up with.  Thanks

Allen McDonnell

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Corner Bead Formulas

Yes, I got them to work! I'll attach the formulas I used. 

I did an accumulate formula. I had trouble wrapping my head around why you would divide by 2 for exterior walls and divide by 4 for interior walls. The way the formula is, it is counting every time drywall shows up on the wall. So a corner for an interior wall would have 4 sides of drywall (but only 1 corner that needs corner bead). And an exterior wall would have 2 sides of drywall. 

I made all my 8' walls Drywall A and 9' walls Drywall B. In my formula for corner bead, it adds all the corner bead together. 

Let me know if you have any other questions (not sure I explained it well!)