Cabinet trim calculation

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Cabinet trim calculation
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I have been trying to figure this for over two hours.  I need a formula to calculate base shoe for the bottoms of all cabinets that sit on the floor in the bathrooms and kitchen.


The "best" variables I see to use to calculate this is width and depth.  I was going to use (depth + width)*1.1 or something to get it close, since some cabinets have visible sides and some do not.  I only have 'depth' in my formula currently, because I'm trying to figure out why it's not calculating correctly.  Trying to narrow it down. 


I only have one cabinet drawn on the entire drawing.  When I select 'Highlight Entities" the only thing it selects is this bathroom vanity.


I have a couple questions.  First, why does my material report list each individual measurement instead of one line item with the total?  I don't have it set up to calculate by a dimension, so I don't understand why it doesn't show just one line with the total.


The second question is..  The numbers don't make any sense.  The cabinet is 2' deep.  So, according to my formula, it should return a value of 2 or 24, depending on whether it's set up for feet or inches, since i'm using the 'depth' variable.  Instead it is returning the values 16, 4, and 2 and displaying them on my report.  Since there is only one variable and one cabinet this doesn't make any sense to me at all. 



Bill Wimberley
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Base Shoe

Try something like this. I used the component Countertop as the basis. The thought is that only base cabinets will have a countertop so no need to exclude wall cabinets. And the countertop measurement will include the entire cabinet, not just individual cabinets. Measuring individual cabinets and using depth would give you a depth for each cabinet in the cabinet run. So if you had 3 36" wide cabinets next to each other that would be 3x36 + 3x24. Using the countertop you would be counting the entire width + the depth.

Another option would be to create a Base Shoe baseboard and run that around all the cabinets. This would give you the most flexibility because you could more accurately calculate such items as island and desk cabinets.


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