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Built up beams
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I have had softlist since v11. I have never really tried to use it. Now I am ready and am watching the SP+training videos. My question is when i run my report, it does not calculate built-up beams with the appropriate materials to actually build the beam. WHat i am trying to accomplisg is to use all 16'-0" material and create the beam. Can anyone walk me thru changing how it is calculated?



Bill Wimberley
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Todd I'm covered up right now so can't really dig into this until maybe later today. But my first thought would be to write several different formulas. Each formula would be specific to the width of your beams. Then this formula feeds the result into another formula using the Accumulate Calculation Method. You would need to create the formula that all the other formulas send their information to first.

So for instance if a double beam is 3 1/2 inches you would create a formula that checks the width of the beam and if it is made up of "Built-Up-Beam" material and then counts it if the beam is 3 1/2".  Set the formula to calculate the length of the beam and multiply the length by 2. Set the calculation method to Accumulate and select the final material as the "Add to material" formula.

You would create a similar formula for each beam thickness and multiply by the appropriate number of beam members and accumulate them all into the final formula.

There are several examples of accumulated materials built into the materials list that you can study to see how this works. Also check the Help or manual and read up on accumulating materials.

Get as far along as you can with this and if you get stumped check back in and I'll see if I can get you going again when I get some time.

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