Brick Take-Off

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Brick Take-Off
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Good Morning,


I've been playing with a test wall this morning to try and figure out what the program reads when do a brick take off.  I just did a simple wall of 8' long by 8'tall giving me a sq.ft of 64.  When I run the detailed report and scroll down to brick materials it says I need 64 brick to finish the wall....


So I went to edit and put 6 in the coverage field (6brick per sq.ft) and ran the report again,  it gave me the same numbers as before... How to I get/tell the program to take the sq.ft of the wall and multiply it out by 6 and make my brick number correct of 384 brick????


Thanks in advance for the help!

Matthew Glidden

Bill Wimberley
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It all depends on how your formulas are set up. The formulas that come with SoftList are set to Accumulate to another formula which then totals everything up.

For instance there is a formula that calculates the brick in the gables and another formula that calculates the brick in the walls. The results of these formulas are then fed into another formula which totals them all up. So you would need to edit both the gable brick formula and the wall formula and set them to multiply by 6 rather than changing the coverage.


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Great thanks so much Bill, I

Great thanks so much Bill, I do believe I got it to work thanks so much for the help!!!