Assigning Text to Variables/Description

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Assigning Text to Variables/Description
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Keyed door levers have specific 'handings'.  A LH door requires a RH handle.  A RH door requires a LH handle.  (confusing enough?)


Anyhow, I wrote this formula to generate my keyed entry levers for the exterior doors and garage entry door.


What I would like to do is make a conditional statement, which when met, will display certain text in the 'Description' field.  Apparently the 'List' function does not support the use of text;  It only supports numerical dimensions.  You can see what I'm trying to do from the formula, but it does not work obviously.  I can easily create different materials for LH and RH levers, but this is inefficient since if I have to change how they're calculated, I have to change multiple formulas.


I am trying to do the same thing with my adjustable closet rods.  There are three different sizes, determined by the 'perimeter' variable of each shelf, and I ended up having to make three separate materials for the same reason. 


Is there a better way of doing this?  Thank you -