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Bill Wimberley
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Windows 8

Has anybody installed Windows 8 yet? I have it but I can't get it installed. I've been reading about lots of people having the same problem and supposedly MS is working on the installation issues. If you don't have it yet are you planning to get it?

If you do have Win 8 what are your thoughts about it? From what I've read it is a nice upgrade from Win 7. My only complaint is that from all of the screen shots I have seen it looks like an old DOS interface rather than the slick graphically rich interface of Win 7 and prior.

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I haven't installed it yet,

I haven't installed it yet, but I plan to test it out soon.  I have read a lot of good reviews.  The interface is going to be different, but I think once everyone gets past that, they will find a much faster OS.  I've also read some 'Tips' that talk about the importance of keyboard shortcuts if you aren't using a touch screen.  

I am interested to see how it handles Softplan, AutoCAD, etc.  So if you get it working, please let us know how SP works on W8.

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Windows 8

I sent an inquiry to Tech Sevices and they said they weren't expecting any issues with 2012 and Windows 8 :-)



Todd Wacome
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Any Updates on Windows 8 - Does anybody have experience XP, 7, 8

It's been quite a while since the last post here on windows 8.    I use 2014+ and love it.  Since the cloud makes it easier to work from several machines I'm thinking of installing on one more machine for convenience.  Because of that I'm wondering if I should use the XP I have (32bit) or upgrade to Win 7 or 8.


On my main machines I use XP and 2014+ works fine.  However, I think I saw a few warning messages that SoftPlan requires at least Windows Vista when I was in SoftPlan somewhere, I don't remember where.


seems silent on SP2014 at this point.


Does anybody have experience with using 2014 on XP, vs 7, vs 8?

Todd Wacome

Dennis Asher
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Windows 8 & Softplan +(2014)

I am using Windows 8 and Softplan + and have not experienced any negative effects.  Windows 8 seems to be faster although I don't care for the start up screen.  I think there is a new version coming soon (code named 'Blue') that is supposed to give you the option to boot to the old Windows 7 start screen.  Very busy here so haven't had any time to research it.'s picture
Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 for sometime with Softplan 2014 + with no issues.


I do use Windows Classic Shell with Windows 8 though which is a free program that provides a start screen and menu setup similar to Windows 7 or XP.  So that way I don't really have to mess with the Touch Screen navigation ability that was built into 8.   I just purchased a Logitech T650 Touch Pad though to experiment with the Touch Screen capability of 8 and also to see if I could use the Touch Pad with my left hand and Mouse in my right hand to reduce mouse clicks.   I think it might work out pretty good once I get a little more smooth with my left hand.



Todd Wacome
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Macbook - for anyone wondering...

A month of so I posted a question about XP vs Windows 7 vs Windows 8.  I didn't want to complicate the question but the reason I was asking was that I'm so impressed with 2014 and the cloud for syncing that I wanted to try it on my MacBook Air as well as my current install which is a work desktop and a home office desktop.


I used to use SoftPlan on Windows ultralights for many years for field work.  I had Sharp UM32's between 2004 and 2011 - the same sub 3lb, 13" screen concept that the Air is, just way ahead of its time.  When I couldn't buy them anymore, having bought my last one on eBay, I bought the MacBook Air in 2011.  It is a fantastic piece of hardware.


The solid state drive is so fast, and it worked so well connecting to my desktops with Gotomypc that I never bothered to install Parallels and windows on it.  Honestly, I was so afraid that install would bog it down, and I was so happy with it (instant on, long battery life, light weight, etc), I didn't want to screw it up.


Since the SoftPlan 2014 Plus online storage works so well for syncing, and I'm so impressed with 2014 I decided to reconsider using on my laptop again and try it out.  That's why I was asking about XP vs others, since I still use XP on my desktops and haven't tried Win7 or 8 yet.


I decided to go with Windows 7 and installed windows after I installed Parallels 6, which I got in 2011 when I bought the Air.  Windows worked well on the Air and so did SoftPlan, but it was sluggish.  For example moving something took a half a second between pressing the M key and being able to move it, everything was noticably sluggish.  Since that made it a bit slower than using Gotomypc to my desktop, I didn't think it was worth it and figured I'd just continue to access my desktop from my MacBook using Gotomypc when I did field work.


However, that was because I thought that the newer Parallels 8 would be even slower, having more features and so forth, so I didn't bother upgrading Parallels and was going to abandon the idea of using SoftPlan on the Air but then I read Parallels 8 was much faster than version 6.  I upgraded to Parallels 8 to try it, which didn't require reinstalling windows, and it is much, much faster, at least as far as SoftPlan is concerned.


So far, in side by side comparisons which is tough since I have only one key, SoftPlan on the Air is about the same as SoftPlan on my faster desktop.  The Air is faster starting up (probably because the solid state drive) and faster at some things by just a bit, and the desktop faster at others, by just a bit.  On 3D, the desktop is much faster and better looking, but I think it's because I have a nice, newer video card on the desktop.


Granted, my desktop is 6-8 years old, its an AMD Anthlon 64X2, 991 Mhx, 2G RAM, but my Macbook Air was the  stripped down model, though it had the larger screen.  The MacBooks that just came out are faster.


So I thought I'd pass that on for anyone wondering.  Main point is that SoftPlan seems to run fine on the MacBook, even the stripped down model, and the other point being that Parallels 8 is much faster than the prior versions and would be essential to use if you're not using bootcamp.


It's pretty cool too, doing all the Mac stuff then just swiping the screen over to the windows desktop (on the Mac) and having a full blown SoftPlan project running, just where you left off.

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SP on a mac

So glad to have found this thread as I need a new laptop but had just told my wife "I can't get a Mac because SP won't run on it" I am waiting for the 16th to see what the new macs might be but I am definitely leaving the world of laptop pc for a while and getting a macbook