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Bill Wimberley
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Website problems

Someone wrote me today saying that they could not register on the site. The problem was that the navigation menu was stuck open and covering up the Create New Account button at the bottom of the registration form.

I've never seen this happen and have never heard anyone say they had any problems with the navigation system getting stuck open. I tested the site on a variety of different web browsers and could not replicate the problem.

Has anyone else experienced any problems with the site? In particular, has anyone seen the navigation system stuck in an open state and they could not close it? I'm at a loss to figure out what the problem was. She said she was using Internet Explorer 2013. Even though there is no 2013 version of Internet Explorer I assume she meant either version 9 or 10, maybe 11. The latest version is Version 11. I have tested the site extensively with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari and have experienced no issues.

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No Issues

I've not had any issues !


Bill M
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I haven't had any problems on

I haven't had any problems on my end.