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Bill Wimberley
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Video Series Views

When viewing a list of available videos using one of the Video Series links on this site you can hover over the name of the video to see additional information. A pop-up appears that displays the name of the video, a description, the version of SoftPlan that was used when creating the video, the Level, and the date that the video was posted. This speeds things up because you don't have to open each video page individually to view this information.

To watch a video directly from this list simply click on the icon on the right side of the list.

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Nice Touch

Nice touch on the additional info on hover.  Seems in todays world finding what you want or getting info on what your

looking for has become a time consuming task at times.  Any system that helps speed our searches or provide further

info is a bonus !  Great job !



Bill M
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Good info.  I'm slowing going

Good info.  I'm slowing going through them as I have time.  Thanks for the resource.

Bill Wimberley
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Video Series

I'm glad you are finding them useful. I'll be adding other video series as I come across ones that would be of interest to the design and building community. This last weekend I added the JLC Online series. I'm thinking about adding the Builder Magazine video series. If anyone knows of any other good ones let me know and I'll see about adding them to the list. To see a list of videos that have been added hover over the "Content" link at the top of the page and select the "Video Series" link.