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Space Mouse
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Does the space mouse by 3DConnexion work in SOftplan and what you think if you got one?

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As far as I know it does not work in Softplan. 

Bill Wimberley
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The SpaceMouse is a wonderful device for navigating around in 3D. It works really well in Sketchup and a variety of AutoDesk products as well as a select few other 3D applications. Unfortunately it does not work very well, if at all, in SoftPlan. When version 10 of the SpaceMouse driver was in development it had the ability to assign keystrokes to any of the mouse movements. That did allow rudimentary functionality in SoftPlan. But by the time the final driver came out the ability to map keystrokes was removed. So at one time the SpaceMouse worked but not anymore. For it to work SoftPlan will need to write a driver to map the SpaceMouse movements to work with SoftPlan. Several people, including myself, have requested that SoftPlan create this driver but to date none has been released.

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Saved by the bell....actually

Saved by the bell....actually, the Softlantuts.  Thanks for the thread and heads-up on the 3D-Connexion products.