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Bill Wimberley
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Site Update

An updated version of the software used on this site for creating Articles, Tutorials, Forum posts, Comments, etc. was recently installed and has been undergoing testing. From your end you should see a slight difference in the interface, most noticeably with the icons in the text editor. If you experience any issues please let me know. Please include information such as what browser and version you are using and what you were attempting to do when the issue arose. This is an early release of the new text editing software so it is possible that something might not work properly with all browsers, although I haven't discovered anything yet.

The text editor has the ability to attach images to a Forum Post or Comment. There was a report of a problem using the standard Upload Image feature when using Internet Explorer 10. The Upload Image feature I'm referring to is the Upload area found below the text editor box. If someone could test the Text Editor image upload feature using Internet Explorer 10 that would be helpful. The text editor image upload icon is located in the top row of icons in the text, near the right side. Select the image icon, click on the Upload tab, and select the image you want to place at the current location in the text. For users of browsers other than Internet Explorer 10 the easier option is use the Upload Image feature below the text area, although either method will work. The main difference is that the text editor image upload allows you more control over where the image is actually inserted in the Forum post or Comment.


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Testing Sequence

Bill, once I select the Image I have to press the button that says "Send It To Server"  Then "OK".


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Image Upload

Bill, not sure why the drawing are being squished narrow ?



Bill Wimberley
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The image is squished narrow

The image is squished narrow because you have a height set for the image but not a width. Since there is no width setting it automatically adjusts to the width of the available space. If you will edit your image and remove the height setting as well as the width then the image will adjust proportionately to the available space.

Also make sure that the Lock Ratio button is set to locked. In your first image you had width and height defined but lock ratio off. Second image has no width but has height and again lock ratio is off.