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Bill Wimberley
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New Renderings

Be sure to check out the Gallery. Chris Turner of Elite Concepts, LLC. recently posted some wonderful renderings. He also posted a really cool video that takes you on a tour of a house. Check it out and if you see something you like leave a comment to encourage the authors to post more examples of their work. You might even be able to get some tips from them if you ask nicely :)

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New Renderings


   just had a look at these posts, absolutely brilliant especially the video, was that really only created in 2012 ? If so would it be possible to quantify the time & amount of work it took ?

  I am currently using v13 & debating about upgrading & seeing something like this directly out of softplan is certainly an incentive.

  Thanks very much for sharing Chris you should & must be very proud of what you have created both in design & illustration.