Large Monitors- Deal today, Use of large monitors for cad and marketing.

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Large Monitors- Deal today, Use of large monitors for cad and marketing.
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

Not sure if this is the correct forum, or if "Deals" postings are appreciated. NewEgg has the 32" BenQ WQHD Cad monitor today for $450.
I recently upgraded my setup with the 32" WQHD BenQ cad monitor. It is not 4k but a high resolution WQHD. You may need to upgrade your graphics if you do not have a graphics card. I ran it ok with Display Port, out on intel integrated graphics I think 3000. It does not require anywhere near the graphics card that 4k does. A gtx 960 would work great for around $200. There is a 2g and 4g model. I think it is worth $350 though to move up to the GTX 970.

Yesterday added a MSI GTX 970 4g, in preparation for going to a 42" 4k Seiki Pro monitor, or twin monitor setup with the BenQ and my 24" 16:10 dell ultrasharp. I got a Seiki 42 for $475 at Newegg (shellshocker deal).

I may use the 42" in the Model home for myself and the sales staff to display the 3d models and videos created in Softplan 16+. I think the 3d display dramatically changes the ability to involve buyers in really visualizing new homes and gets them excited to purchase, all without seeing the actual home. The response so far to our website images and videos has been tremendous. Having a large 4k display is our next step, and super excited to get it all working. Thus my other post on "How to export softplan to Lumion". I like what softplan offers in 3d. Also want to see if I can step it up another notch to better textures and objects with Lumion or something like it.
I purchased the 32" BenQ on Amazon during Black Friday week for $499, and NewEgg has had it for $475, and today for $450.
I can recommend the 32" BenQ for softplan use.
I would like to see SoftPlan add the option to place or toggle the top panel of control icons etc in the vertical position like windows allows.
I seem to like the vertical space for drawings, given the lack of support by manufacturers for 16:10 resolutions in favor of 16:9.

Like to hear about others' experiences and use of larger monitors/graphics cards for Softplan, and 3d rendering, for marketing and sales. And super interested in any feedback from anyone using Lumion or another 3d program in conjunction with Softplan.

Bryan in Bend
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BenQ BL3200PT Black 32" at Newegg for $429

BenQ BL3200PT Black 32" On Sale at Newegg for $429.  I use this monitor and like it a lot. Might want to add a video card GTX 960 would do, for around $200.