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Images display

I've been doing a lot of work on the site trying to set up a really top notch system for managing and displaying video tutorials. After a couple of months of research and trying out numerous methods I finally settled on how I want to do it. Most of the back-end work for the video system is now finished.

In the process I determined that I could use the same system I will be using to display the videos to also display images. This includes images in the galleries and any other images that initially are small but if you click on them they will expand to full size. So rather than having to maintain two systems, the one I was previously using for the images and the one I am using for the videos, I went back trough the entire site and made the necessary changes to all of the existing images and display routines to make them work with the new system. Hopefully I caught them all.

If anybody comes across an image that isn't working right, or anything else not working right on the site, please let me know so I can correct it.

I do try to test any site changes on all current versions of all the major browsers but since I don't have access to older browsers (is anybody still using IE 6 or 7?) sometimes things don't always work right.

As always, feedback about any aspect of the site is encouraged.

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