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Bill M
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Graphics card

When I built my new computer a little over a month ago I put in a, EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST graphics card.  It has now been discontinued and I believe it may be causing some problems (occasional freeze) with the new machine.  If I'm on the internet or in SP 2014 I get an occasional flicker of the screen that doesn't occur with just the desk top showing.  I can return this card up to Jan 31.  

Jim Crook I've been looking at the card you are running.  Have you been happy with it?  


Bill Wimberley
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Power Supply

Bill, what power supply wattage do you have? That card requires a min 450 watt power supply. If you have a lower supply that can cause flickering when in SoftPlan.

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Bill M
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Bill it's an Antec Earthwatts

Bill it's an Antec Earthwatts 650.  I probably went with way more than I'll ever need.



Bill Wimberley
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Power Supply

650 may be enough. When I built my system I put in an 850 watt power supply. You have to add up the requirements of all the components and then use a power supply that exceeds the total. I'm using this one. TX850

Bill M
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I calculated needing around

I calculated needing around 370 watts with an online calculator so I think I'm good there.

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Graphics card



I just installed a new Nvidea EVGA GTX 760 2gig card and am running with a 650W power supply. This card is fast and quite stable and powerful enough to do anything I do. I am very happy with it.'s picture
Graphics Card

Hi Bill, i have been running the Nvidea GTX 660Ti card and have had no problems and have been happy with it.


I've been running it for more than 18 months.


You have to be careful though becuase teh GTX 660 and GTX 660 Ti are different cards.  The 660 Ti uses more

channels  than the straight 660 ( I think they call them Cuda Cores or some such thing ). 


If you check out the capability list for Graphics Cards ( sorry don't have a link right handy ) but if you look up

something like Nividea Graphic Cards Heirarchy or Speed or ..... ?  You can see the relative performance of each



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Graphics Card Link
Bill M
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Irish thanks for the info, I

Irish thanks for the info, I'll check that one out.

Jim yes I understand the ti vs none.  I also read the X (gtx) is the better card as well.  One thing I looked at are the cuda cores when I purchased.  I have looked at your card I think and found where you posted about it at Splash.  Can you give any insight into the link you posted for the comparisons?  I looked at that sight over the past two days and really didn't get much from it.  I sure wish I could get some type of diagnostic.  

One thing I didn't realize is the vast number of manufacturers of the same card.


Edit: Jim I'm not seeing the TI version of the 660 anywhere at this point.'s picture
Graphics Cards

Bill, I don;t know a whole lot about the technicalities of the cards.   The site I posted indicates at the top of the page

that the rankings ( ratings ) are based on numerous different tests run on each of the cards and then a summary of

overall performance is stated.   The GTX 660 Ti is number 14 on the list which includes both AMD ( Radeon ) and Nvidea

( GeForce ) cards.  Nvidea licenses it's chipset to various companies i.e. Asus, Zotac, MSI, Gigabyte etc etc. and each of

those companies produces their own card base on a given Nvidea Chipset.  So the guts of a given card i.e. GTX 660 Ti

will essentially be the same from company to company, but some companies might do some overclocking on theirs or

add some additional feature.  My limited experience is if the Nvidea Core Chipset and the amount of ram are the same

then the other differences between companies is likely fairly minor in the big picture.  On the link I provided the output

numbers are a relative performance statement related to other cards.   They also give the MSRP prices so you can also

compare that.  In some cases you will see that a slightly higher rated card might have a large price differential making

them an unlikely choice.


Hope this helps some.


Bill M
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Jim thanks for the

Jim thanks for the explanation, it helps.  

Bill M
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Jim I'm finding none of these

Jim I'm finding none of these cards available in the Ti series at the usual sources.  I'm wondering why.'s picture
Try These

Bill did you try Best Buy, Newegg or TigerDirect ?


I think like most cards sooner or later they get discontinued and replaced by a newer model in this case I think

maybe the GTX 760 Series may have or be replacing them.  Doesn't mean they weren't a decent card though

just means the perpetual Marketing Machine has to keep making their products sound new and improved ;-)


I'm sure there is still some around ?   Not sure if there are deals to be had or whether any newer models might

have better deals ?



Bill M
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I'm sure you're right. I know

I'm sure you're right. I know the one I bought, the 650 Ti Boost was discontinued almost before I received it.  


I went to Best Buy this AM and got a 760.  I know I paid more than I would have through newegg but I need to get this thing ready to draw. wink  Now I need to do an RMA from newegg to return the original.