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Bill Wimberley
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Bookmarking Videos

You can use Bookmarks when viewing the videos in the Tutorials section of the site to keep track of which videos you have watched. You do this is by selecting one of the Video Series links. Currently there are two Video Series.  SoftPlan TV Series and SoftPlan Systems YouTube Videos.

From these pages you can easily watch a video that you are interested in by clicking on the icons on the right side of the list.

To bookmark a video click on the small icon on the far left of the list. A video that is bookmarked will have a red icon and one that is not bookmarked will have a white icon. You can use bookmarks to indicate which videos you have already watched. Or, conversely, you could bookmark all videos and then unbookmark them after you watch each one.

Note that in order to use bookmarks you have to be registered on the site and you also have to be logged in.


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Bill thanks for plugging

Bill thanks for plugging these to the site,  really nice and convenient