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Bill M
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Back up program?

I have been using Acronis True Image 2011 to back up my computer for several years and it's worked great but has started failing to read the disk. I was able to completely restore my computer after a HD crash last October using it. It has been giving me trouble off and on for the past 6 months so it's time to find something more reliable. 

I would appreciate any recommendations. I'm not looking for free but don't want to spend a fortune either. I'm also bandwidth limited so online backup won't work. I have three external HDs that I use for back ups.  OS is updated regularly but the v2011 no longer gets updates.

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BackUp Program

When I was building my new computer last year I bought an SSD to use as a Boot Drive and I wanted to transfer all my info including

Windows 8 from my C: HDD to make  a C: SSD drive my boot drive.


I wanted to either do a full system backup and restore or preferably clone the disk.  I bought Acronis True Image Home and tried

and tried, and researched and tri again until I was blue in the face.  Never got Acronis to do the trick.   I then came across a program

called "Macrium Reflect" so I took a chance and purchased it as well.   Well, within 5 minutes I'd cloned the new SSD and another

10 minutes later had the HHD out and the SSD in as the boot drive and I was off to the races.   I don't have to tell you I was very

pleased with my results.  I have not used it since so can't comment on anything beyond that but it might be worth a whirl.



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Thanks for the info Jim.  I

Thanks for the info Jim.  I saw "Macrium Reflect" in a search for backup software.  I think they may have a trial so I may try it.  I had tried the Acronis 2013 after replacing my HD last October but wasn't thrilled with it's performance at all. I ran Malware Bytes yesterday and was able to get a backup from Acronis after that but it wouldn't run one this morning.  

I think I do have some issues going on with my HD file system, not the HD itself and need to figure that out. 

I'm a firm believer in regular backups.  They have saved me.  I do copy files to the external HDs on occasion but am not consistent enough to rely on that.


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I thought I would give an

I thought I would give an update.  I have been backing up My Docs and other select folders and files two times per week, each time to a different external.  I did download the a defrag program that was recommended at a photog forum I frequent and I like it.  I was able to do a back up to one of my externals a couple of days ago but the one going to the other failed every attempt.  I went through the items that I backup and discovered somehow drive H had been selected to be included.  This drive is in my card reader.  Once I excluded it, Acronis backed up without a hitch.  One thing about it, I have gone through a number of maintenance items the past couple of days which was needed.    

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What OS are you running?

What OS are you running?  Windows 7 has a built in backup that is pretty good to use on external drives.

- Cory

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Cory believe it or not I'm

Cory believe it or not I'm still running XP.  Hanging on!  New computer is probably not far in the distant future.