How would you frame this roof overhang?

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How would you frame this roof overhang?
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This bracket style house is very common around New Orleans, but the overhang is most often about 3' to 4' deep.  I've drawn the overhangs as much as 4' before without any issue, but this client wants something in the 6' to 8' range.  The brackets are usually 'reclaimed' so I'm working off the assumption that the antique brackets are just decorative.   I'm just curious if any of you guys have designed anything like this, or if you have any thought on how you would frame this.  


ETA: This house will be in south Louisiana and snow load isn't a factor.

- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Framing that roof is no big deal. Just tie the horizontal ceiling joists to the rafters and the rafters would tie into the gable wall. This forms a triangle much like a truss and is self-supporting. Just make sure that the rafters are attached to the sides of the gable studs rather than to their face so they can't pull away from the wall. Maybe add an additional brace to assure that the weight of the roof does not bow the gable wall.



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