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Images imported into SoftPlan can become pixelated but here is a method to minimize pixelation and get better printouts from SoftPlan.

SoftPlan allows you to import images into your drawings. The supported formats are:






However, I have found that images imported through the normal File⇒Import⇒Image process can be lacking in resolution quality. By first taking the image into Microsoft Office you can get higher quality images into your drawings.

I will use Microsoft Excel 2010 for this tutorial. You could also use Microsoft Word 2010. Since I do not have earlier versions of these programs I can not verify if this process works with them. If someone has an older version and they try this method I'd appreciate it if they would post a comment to state one way or another if they work.

  1. In Excel select a cell and then from the Insert Tab select Picture.
  2. Browse to the picture you want to insert into SoftPlan and select it. The image opens up in Excel.
  3. Click on the image in Excel and then Ctrl+C to copy it to the Windows Clipboard.
  4. Back in SoftPlan select Edit⇒Paste from Windows Clipboard⇒Metafile Image.
  5. Draw out a rectangular area and when you left click the image appears.

If you compare the pasted metafile version to the same image that has been imported through the File Import and zoom in on them you will find a noticeable difference.

This method also works great for importing spreadsheets, text, charts, graphs and just about anything else that can be contained in an Office document or spreadsheet into SoftPlan.

Need an Excel spreadsheet or Word document in your SoftPlan file? No problem. Just select the desired area, Copy, Paste from Windows Clipboard as a metafile. You'll get perfect results every time.

Just remember that these are images, not live links so if you later make a change to your original document you'll have to repeat the above process to get the update into SoftPlan.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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