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When assigning textures and colors to 3D models you have a couple of options. You can either assign a default color that will affect all like objects or you can in many cases assign individual colors to specific objects.

Take a window for example. A window is made up of several components. There is the Bead, Sill material, Framing, Glazing, Glazing Style, Interior Trim, Sash, and so on. The colors can be adjusted globally to affect all windows or they can be adjusted by each window type. So for instance if you have 3060 product code and a 3050 product code opening in your drawing these are each considered to be separate types of openings and the colors can be adjusted for each type if desired. Or they can be adjusted globally by using the Inherit feature.

Objects in SoftView have a hierarchical texture setting. The highest level is "Building". You will see this at the top of the list when defining textures. This is a global level that will affect all lower objects in the hierarchy. If you select the Building level you can define a global color or texture to every item in the plan. Note that when you are editing the Building level colors or textures you do not see an "Inherit" check box next to each texture.

The next level would be general types such as Walls, Openings, Roof, etc. When you are editing textures on this level you will see an Inherit check box. If Inherit is checked then the items in the second tier will automatically use the settings from the Building level. If it is unchecked then you can assign textures and colors that affect all items below.

As you go deeper into the hierarchy you will have more specific selections such as Door and Window types. At this level you can check Inherit to use the settings from the level above. Or you can uncheck Inherit and assign textures and colors to individual types.

Each level in the hierarchy allows you to either change settings that affect all items in the same level or use Inherit to use the settings from the level above.
You can follow this process all the way down to the lowest level.

If every item in the plan is set to Inherit then every item will use the Building level settings. As you go deeper down the hierarchy of settings you can change the settings to affect all items below that have Inherit selected.

SoftPlan also includes an Auto Inherit button. If you select an item that is higher in the hierarchy and select Auto Inherit then all items below in the hierarchy will have their Inherit check boxes turned on, thus setting them to use the settings from the current level.

Say for instance your hierarchy looks something like this:




Door Exterior

Win Single Hung

30 50

2-26 50

Garage Door

16' Raised Panel

You could change the textures at the Building level and they would affect all items below as long as Inherit is selected for the item. If you are at the Openings level you could override all settings for the openings below that have Inherit selected. If you are at the Win Single Hung level you can override all the settings for all Single Hung windows that have Inherit selected. Or you could select each window type within Win Single Hung and adjust the textures individually.

Auto Inherit allows you to reset all the textures below the current level to inherit the textures from the current level. So if you are on the Building level you could select Auto Inherit and it would affect all items below. If you are on the Openings level then Auto Inherit would only affect the Openings. And so on down the line.

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