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Sync Model Zoom is a way cool feature that was introduced in V2012. You can find it on the Zoom Tab. By using Sync Model Zoom you can zoom in and out and pan around on one drawing and another drawing matches the same movements.

If you are using a dual monitor system you can have your First Floor drawing on one screen and the Second Floor on the other. Activate Sync Model Zoom and then roll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out on one drawing and the other matches it. Zoom in on a corner of the First Floor and the Second Floor zooms in to the exact same point. Pan the Second Floor and the First Floor Pans to match the Second.

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If you don't have a dual monitor system you can have the same functionality by using Tab Groups. With your First Floor in one Tab Group and the Second Floor in another you can zoom and pan and see both floors zoom and pan at the same time. For more information on Tab Groups see the Tab Groups tutorial.

Ok, so maybe you are trying this and you are saying to yourself that your SoftPlan must be busted because even though both floors move around together they are not in sync. This will happen if the floor plans aren't in exactly the same place on each drawing. If this is the case you can sync the floors by adding Reference Points. If you add the same Reference Point to the same location in both drawings then they will be exactly in sync. For more information about Reference Points see the Proper Use of Reference Points tutorial.

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